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Boom in the Russian construction market  November 2007

en The construction industry of the world’s vastest country has recently seen a major revival. After the 00 slump, the value of construction works increased significantly in the subsequent four years, with 1 .3% average annual growth. In 007, the sector

Being an intern doesn’t have to be boring: Questions to ask before, during and after you start your internship  August 2007

en This article should be useful to companies designing or running internship programs,who want make them successful, and to interns who want to make sure that they end up inthe right sort of company where they are appreciated and valued.For interns, few

Private Equity opportunities in Developing Countries and Emerging Markets  August 2007

en The Private Equity industry is booming around the world, and hardly a month goes by without another record breaking deal being announced. The upheavals in the credit markets in July August 2007 obviously mean that credit conditions are toughening. The

Will the Central Eastern European and Russian economic boom last for a generation?  August 2007

en Throughout the 1990s Central Europeans had to put up with ignorant foreigners making jokes about queues and shortages, though free market economic reforms at the beginning of the decade had eliminated most queues almost overnight. Jokes about shortages

Civil engineering in Poland: investments to total €65bn by 2010  November 2007

en pl The Polish civil engineering sector stands before a few years of exceptionally good market conditions. It will be a time of large EU-co-financed infrastructure projects and of industry players executing giant investments. To the end of 2010, enterprise

Boom in the construction industry continues  November 2007

en pl The overall mood among construction firms – more upbeat thatat any other time in the past several years – has even improvedover the past six months. Over 80% of the managers at the largestPolish construction firms positively view the present

Outstanding prospects for hotel construction in Poland  November 2007

en pl The prospect of Poland’s co-hosting of EURO 01 FootballChampionships, a favourable economic situation in the region,a steady inflow of EU funds for the development of tourism,insufficient investments in the sector in the past – all thesefactors
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