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PMR Insight: Medical representative visits are the most popular form of drug promotion in Ukraine


According to Medical Data Management forecasts, in 2013 the number of full-time medical representatives in Ukraine will be almost 8,000, after an increase of 4%. The average net monthly salary could grow even more rapidly, by 9%, in 2013 and exceed $900 (€700).

Visits by medical representatives are the most popular promotional activities carried out by pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine. In 2012 they accounted for around three-quarters of promotional activities aimed at doctors and almost 60% of those aimed at pharmacists. However, in both cases the number of visits by medical representatives fell, by 14% and 32% respectively.

In 2012, 355 pharmaceutical companies promoted their 3,300 products to doctors and pharmacists.

Number of medical representatives and their average salaries in Ukraine, 2006-2013
* only full-time employed, excluding part-time employees, merchandisers, promoters and medical consultants
f – forecast
Medical Data Management at 8th annual analytical conference “Pharmaceutical market in Ukraine 2013”, 2013
Number of medical representatives*Average net monthly salary ($)
2006 4,300 544
2007 5,160 563
2008 5,770 675
2009 6,220 587
2010 6,680 701
2011 7,210 753
2012 7,610 837
2013f 7,920 911
Promotional activity of pharmaceutical companies aimed at doctors and pharmacists in Ukraine, by channel, 2012
* 15 specialties
** in comparison with 2011
Medical Data Management at 8th annual analytical conference “Pharmaceutical market in Ukraine 2013”, 2013
ShareY-o-y change**ShareY-o-y change**
Visits by medical representatives 74.6% -14% 59.4% -32%
TV advertisements 11.2% -8% 17.8% -9%
Advertisements in specialist publications 6.7% -28% 19.4% 22%
Symposiums, conferences 5.8% -19% 2.5% -9%
Mailing lists 1.2% -32% 0.9% 53%
Post-marketing clinical trials 0.4% -11% - -

Berlin-Chemie Menarini is the most active company in terms of promotional activities aimed at both doctors and pharmacists. In 2012 it had shares (SoV) of 10.5% and 12.0% as a proportion of the number of promotions aimed at doctors and pharmacists respectively.

Pharmaceutical companies with the largest number of promotions aimed at doctors in Ukraine (SoV), 2012Pharmaceutical companies with the largest number of promotions aimed at pharmacists in Ukraine (SoV), 2012

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